A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Paper Bag Dragon is a top down destruction game, where you burn forests.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys plus left button or left control to shoot fireballs, at the trees.

Next version will include catapults.

A Team Sushi Game http://www.teamsushi.org/

Created at TOJam 11 Toronto Game Jam bEleven http://www.tojam.ca/


Programming and Game Design and Dragon Model - Dale Wick

Programming - Josh Finnigan

2D Art - Matt Baird

Music and Sound Effects - Andrew Kroepel

3D Characters - Nicholas Andreae


Music - John Hagley

3D Dragon's Lair - Adam Beardsley

Created using Unity 3D

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Double click on the exe.

Made in Unity 3D


paperbagdragon_v1.0.1_Data.zip 25 MB
web.unity3d 13 MB
PaperBagDragon_v1.01.app.zip 27 MB
PaperBagDragon_v1.01-linux.zip 28 MB

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